Friday, January 20, 2012

Ulta Glitterati Series: Conclusions and Wrap-Up

Hello everyone, and welcome to the last day of my Ulta Glitterati Series! I will start out by posting a recap of all the links to the different Ulta Glitterati Posts!

Introducing: Ulta Glitterati Series!

Ulta Glitterati Series: The Polishes

Ulta Glitterati Series: The Comparisons

Ulta Glitterati Series: Hide and Go Sequins Swatch

Ulta Glitterati Series: Hide and Go Sequins Revamped

Ulta Glitterati Series: Fashionably Late Swatch

Ulta Glitterati Series: Black Tie Affair Swatch

Ulta Glitterati Series: Glamoflauge Swatch

I just now noticed that the picture is off center! 13 year old mistake. You won't be seeing many of those anymore- I'm 14 now, haha! :)

Now for my opinions on all of the four polishes, and the collection!

Hide and Go Sequins: I loved the formula on this! 3 easy quick drying coats! 2 coats of topcoat for a glass-smooth manicure! Probably a tie with Fashionably Late for my favorite of the collection!

Fashionably Late: I love this color, mainly because red and black are my favorite colors! The formula was amazing- 3 thin, easy coats... or 2 thicker coats! I think it used 2 coats of topcoat! Once again, a tie with Hide and Go Sequins for my favorite of the collection!

Black Tie Affair: This was very pretty, but it's a common glitter color! It only took 2 coats! No problems with application. This used 3 or more coats of topcoat!

Glamoflauge: I HATED the formula on this, it was horrible! It took 3 very messy coats, and 3 or more coats of topcoat. I didn't like it. If you want a color like this, buy Deborah Lippman Bad Romance or Revlon Facets of Fushia!

Overall Collection: I really liked the first 3 colors, but Glamoflauge was a huge letdown. I would possibly buy this at normal price, but it would be even better on clearance! If you are looking for some good dupes in small bottles, GET THIS! You won't be let down- except for Glamoglauge.

And that is the ULTA GLITTERATI SERIES! I will be showing a few product reviews and a really cool manicure soon! Stay tuned! I really feel like posting the song I am listening to now! I love Michael Jackson! Here it is, Micahel Jackson Invincible from the Invincible album!

Thanks for reading!

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