Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Maggie's 14th Birthday! My Birthday Look!

Hello everyone! Today is my 14th Birthday! I am so excited! Let me share my "Happy Birthday" look with you! I hope you like it!

Here are my birthday nails! It's Orly Fowl Play! This was my first Orly polished, and I am impressed! I will be buying more! And definitely wearing Fowl Play again, it's like a party on your nails, but you aren't glitter bombed, lol!

Here is my hair/face/acessories! More about all of these in a few seconds!

Here is my eye look. My eyes look green in this picture, but they are actually blue/green! I am wearing my normal mascara, a thin layer of CoverGirl, continued with Clinique. More about shadows below!

Here are the shadows I am wearing! The picture explains itself!

And here are the accessories I am wearing! Once again, the picture explains itself. I just realized I didn't include my earrings! But I love these earrings, so they will get a post of their own sometime!

This is a pretty short post, but it's my birthday, and I have things to do! The Ulta Glitterati Series will be finishing up soon! Well, I'm off to go eat dinner with my family! Thanks for reading!


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