Saturday, January 21, 2012

Born Pretty Review: Stamping Kit

Hello everyone! I have a special review for today! I will be reviewing "Hello Kitty & Floral Stamping Nail Art Kit W/ 3 pcs Nail Stamp" from Born Pretty Store! By the way, that's Born Pretty's title, not mine. Here is the kit pictured on the website:

(Born Pretty's Image)

I have to say, I was a little dissapointed when I got my package in the mail. It wasn't in this packaging! But that's okay, because I still got what I ordered, well....

This is what I got from Born Pretty, I got the stamper and plastic scraper (so I don't scratch my plates), the 2 plates, and 3 polishes. Here's the thing: The website advertised Blue, Red, and Green Stamping Polishes, but I recieved Black, White, and Red Stamping Polishes. But that's okay because I am a beginning stamper and I needed these anyway. Just a little false advertising, but I am still happy with the colors I recieved.

Okay, here are the two plates I recieved. B87 and B91. The same plates advertised on their website.

Now for the stamping polish review! I am a little dissapointed, but normal (if opaque) polish works pretty well also. Over Black, I stamped the red and white. You can see the white pretty good, but no trace of the red. Over White, I stamped the red and black. The black transfered best, but the red was not horrible. Over Pink, all three were tested. The black and white transfered best. Probably not as good of quality as Konad, but I am satisfied.

I really liked this set! It is perfect for a stamping beginner like me to get some supplies at a decent price! Gotta love it! If this were to be rated out of 10 stars, it would be a 7.5. I didn't get the colors I expected, but that's okay. Thanks for reading!

This set:
Born Pretty Store:
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