Friday, December 30, 2011

A New Beginning!

Hello! I'm Maggie and I am starting a new blog! I titled this post "A New Beginning!" because I used to have to blog, Maggie's Teen Life ( I really wasn't that satisfied with how I made my blog, so I'm starting over. Nice, huh? This blog is called Private School Polished, because I go to a private school, and I am in love with nail polish! I am 13 years old (almost 14), and am a perfectionist.

Here are some things that you will see on Private School Polished:
  • Nails: nail art, swatches, reviews, etc.....
  • Makeup: daily looks, swatches, looks for special occasions, etc....
  • Hair: hair, and the different ways I do mine.
  • Clothes/Fashion: my outfits and outfits I like.
  • Other: stuff that's happening in my daily life (if anyone cares...)

So that is basically what you will be seeing here at Private School Polished! Thank you for reading, and I hope you enjoy what Private School Polished will become!

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